Corporate Terms

The below mentioned text constitutes to our terms and conditions for Corporate Hire Account.

In order to start using your corporate account with us, please complete the Corporate Account Application form accepting our Terms and Conditions as set out below.

An account number will be assigned to you upon a successful application.

The Terms and Conditions may be reviewed from time to time, any changes will be notified in writing via email.

This copy of our current Terms and Conditions is issued to customers on opening an account with us and constitutes our

General Terms of Hire.

1. The contract is a contract of supply. By placing a booking with Grays Taxis for services, the client is
presumed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.
2. Requests for services should preferably be made 48 hours in advance.
3. The first 10 minutes of waiting are automatically included in our charges, thereafter we will charge waiting time by 15 minute increments at the cost shown in our tariff, currently £25 per hour. Witing time between the same booking will be charged at £0.50/minute.
****Note that Airport Transfers are subject to our published time allowance of up to 60 minutes from landing time.
4. Grays Taxis cannot be held responsible for any delays caused due to traffic congestion, weather conditions, roadworks, incidents on roads or vehicle mechanical failure.
5. Unless instructed otherwise by the customer, the driver will travel by the route considered most appropriate on the day.
6. We are insured for passengers travel. This insurance is for public liability and does not constitute travel insurance.
7. A reasonable amount of ordinary passenger luggage is allowed but luggage which in the opinion of the driver amounts to an excessive weight will not be carried unless paid for.
8. We observe a non-smoking policy in all our vehicles.
9. We reserve the right to refuse travel to anyone deemed to be a nuisance or danger to our passengers or drivers.
10. The carrying or use of unregistered weapons, or any illegal drugs in our cars is totally forbidden. You must inform us about any registered weapons you wish to carry with you at the time of booking.
11. You must seek our permission to carry pets with you in our vehicles. Guide dogs are allowed but you must inform us at time of booking.
12. The following charges may apply (on total cost)
* Christmas / New Year – 100%
* 11pm – 5am (Time and a half)
* Should a passenger be travel sick there will be a valet charge of £100
* Corporate hire is charged at (normal price x 2) which includes wear and tear, wages, potential job loss, priority booking allocation
13. Grays Taxis reserve the right to review the standard charges, upon 14 days notice, to take into
account any changes in Local authority’s price lists for private hire, and any other charges outside their control.
Grays Taxis may increase their charges due to increase in the cost of fuel, by reference to the price of diesel and petrol as published for time to time by Major fuel stations.
The hire corporate account will be terminated if the payment is delayed by more than 7 days unless agreed mutually with Grays Taxis.
For any queries or problems, please use the following information to get in touch with us:

Grays Taxis: Seabrooke Rise, Grays, Essex, RM17 6BL
Phone: 0044 1375 506 163

last updated: 22/05/2021


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